Anna Dean

Coaching Philosophy

Anna has come from a background of minimal athletic experience so she is still very much in touch with what it is like to achieve that first 10km run or purchase a bike for the first time.

More about Anna

Anna Dean started with Foot Traffic Coaching in 2013 as an athlete. At the time she was training for the 2014 Coast to Coast Longest Day. After a great summer of training and learning plenty of new skills, she hit the start-line as a novice but crossed the finish line as an experienced Multisporter, wanting to take things to the next level. And that she has done very well. 

Anna has always had a passion for outdoors events and the community that surrounds it. Her involvement in sport is infectious to those around her, regularly encouraging new people into the sport. 

She pushes the boundaries of women’s endurance and has accumulated a lot of experience across a wide variety of races and disciplines, competing in Ultramarathon running, Multisport and multi-day adventure racing. Totalling to 5 x coast to coast finishes and 8 expedition length adventure races. 

Anna sits on the Coaching staff as our specialist Multisport and Adventure Racing Coach, ready to help you knock off that big hairy audacious goal.